Name: Buddy
Nickname: 'Little Bud'
Age: unknown
D.O.B: unknown
Horoscope: unknown
Favourite School Subject: none
Favourite quote / saying: Please can I have a nut? (although nobody seems to understand)
Favourite hangout: Tree house and pretty much anywhere Newt goes
Weaknesses: Nuts and peanut butter
Ambitions: To be able to fly
Likes: Trees, nuts and nutty things!
Dislikes: Cars, large moving objects and loud noises

About Buddy

Buddy, or ‘Little Bud’ as the rest of the Boffins call him, is a red squirrel and the tenth member of the squad. Unlike most other squirrels, he is unafraid of humans and extremely playful and curious.

His willingness to do anything for the reward of a nut helps the Boffins get to places no ordinary kid could. Whenever he’s not following Newt or collecting food, he likes to accompany Polo by sitting on his back and letting him do the legwork!