Name: Oliver Morgan
Nickname: Digger
Age: 11
D.O.B: 3rd December
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Intelligence Type: Word Smart (Linguistic) What's this?
Favourite School Subject: English, History & Languages (also geography, RE & Music)
Favourite quote / saying:
Favourite hangout: Country Park / room (= Boffin lair)
Weaknesses: Fast food & moneymaking opportunities!
Ambitions: To explore & travel the world
Likes: Playing with my dog, fast food, scary films, documentaries, listening to music, constructing model kits, looking on the internet, exploring & visiting new places, learning languages & creative writing.
Dislikes: I don’t like onions, baked beans, cotton wool, war & western films & P.E. I also hate my slight stutter and the fact that my mum always makes me wear a shirt!

About Digger

Oliver Morgan, a.k.a. Digger, is 11 and probably the most misunderstood of the Boffins. Although he comes from a wealthy background and has spent a good part of his life travelling through other countries, other kids seem to assume he’s a bit of a toff.

His Mum and Dad own a huge house with so many rooms that they have never seemed to notice that the Boffin squad use it as their headquarters, and even though he can generally get what he wants from his parents, Digger is never one to shy away from a good money making opportunity!

His outstanding English and language skills help the Boffins to solve cryptic clues and break passwords, but his passions and mischievous nature are no different from any other boy his age!