Name: Fletcher Smith
Nickname: Fletch
Age: 11
D.O.B: 14th June
Horoscope: Gemini
Intelligence Type: Self Smart (Intrapersonal) What's this?
Favourite School Subject: Science (chemistry)
Favourite quote / saying:
Favourite hangout: Chillin’ with mates watching music videos!
Weaknesses: Pizza sandwiches!
Ambitions: Comedian, magician or a famous rapper. If all else fails would like to try a hand in palaeontology.
Likes: Pizza, sandwiches, pizza sandwiches, practicing magic tricks, crime / gangster & comedy films, dinosaurs, theme parks, paint-balling and hip-hop music or anything with a beat. I love a good beat!
Dislikes: Mayonnaise, TV soaps, English lessons, cheesy pop music, snakes and routines

About Fletch

11 year-old Fletcher Smith a.k.a. 'Fletch', is an extremely curious kid who is an expert at getting his best friends into some sticky situations! Luckily, more often than not, his quick-witted charm and fast-talking gets them out of trouble as fast as it got them into it in the first place!

Fletcher's flair for all things to do with science and chemistry help the Boffin Squad overcome countless problems that would be a lot harder to solve without him. However, he often gets bored or distracted easily and would rather be carrying out a practical joke or (attempting) a magic trick!

Never one to take anything too seriously, Fletch always manages to take the edge off any dilemma and constantly remains the same outrageous kid whatever situation he’s in!