Name: Potter Fei
Nickname: Kit (For always having some electronic kit on him!)
Age: 12
D.O.B: 22nd September
Horoscope: Virgo
Intelligence Type: Picture Smart (Spatial) What's this?
Favourite School Subject: Music, maths, physics, design technology
Favourite quote / saying:
Favourite hangout: Attic
Weaknesses: Computer games
Ambitions: To build a time machine!
Likes: My mobile phone & bluetooth headset, sushi, action & science fiction films, competitions, tigers, surfing the net and building / making things, i.e. gadgets
Dislikes: Potatoes, (including Chips!), Yuk! romance films, techno music, loud people and liars

About Kit

Potter Fei, a.k.a. ‘Kit’, is an invaluable asset to the rest of the Boffin Squad. Much like ‘Q’ in ‘James Bond’, he is always making and designing cool gadgets that he can disguise as everyday objects!

Just like Robin and Oliver, he too has a trusty companion in the form of a ‘magic’ gadget box. Alongside his belt (that seems to somehow hold anything & everything!!); Kit can control almost anything electronic, whilst also being able to have any piece of equipment at a moments notice!

As the quietest Boffin, Kit is softly spoken and gentle and is able to stay calm and collected even under the greatest pressures. He is usually the one to piece together the solution to a problem with common sense and clear thinking, and is quick to have everything under control...

However, not everybody’s perfect and Kit is the perfect example of this! He has a very competitive streak and hates to lose at anything!