Name: Robin Power
Nickname: Newt
Age: 10 3/4
D.O.B: 18th November
Horoscope: Scorpio
Intelligence Type: Nature Smart (Naturalistic) What's this?
Favourite School Subject: Biology and art
Favourite quote / saying: Coooooooool!
Favourite hangout: Tree house
Weaknesses: Animals
Ambitions: Vet
Likes: Ketchup, chips, watching documentaries & cartoons, animals/wildlife, drawing, UFOs & aliens, activity holidays
Dislikes: Meat (I’m a veggie after all!), my eczema, flying, languages homework, girls

About Newt

Robin Power or ‘Newt’ is the youngest of The Boffin Squad at just 10 and three-quarters but is unusually good at art for his age whilst also having an exceptional grasp for science (especially biology!).

A pretty random kid in all senses of the word, he insists on accompanying all of his food with ketchup and has a peculiar liking for everything slimy, sloppy or gooey! Fascinated by anything of the unknown, Newt has always been lead by his “gut instincts”, (which may I add, aren’t always right!), and so what he lacks in common sense and good judgment, he makes up for in enthusiasm!

His love for animals and wildlife can easily be recognised from his countless pets who all live alongside his large family in their country cottage. Although he would never admittedly favour one animal over another, he is constantly accompanied by Buddy, his red squirrel who took a liking to him after he left nuts out for him each day as he grew up. When he’s not teamed up with the rest of the Boffins, Newt can always be found in his secret tree house either studying something gross he’s picked up or creating his next masterpiece!