Name: Megan Robson
Nickname: Polly
Age: 12 1/2
D.O.B: 15th October
Horoscope: Libra
Intelligence Type: People Smart (Interpersonal) What's this?
Favourite School Subject: Languages / drama
Favourite quote / saying: none
Favourite hangout: Youth club & stables
Weaknesses: Soaps
Ambitions: Actress
Likes: Pop music, TV soaps, reading, horses & horse riding, Italian food, popcorn, chocolate (I like chocolate more than Charlie does!), bright colours, going abroad to countries whose languages I can speak & also making my friends laugh by doing impressions!
Dislikes: Birds (especially pigeons), falling over, competitive or aggressive behaviour, horror films and really loud music

About Polly

As the oldest member of the Squad at nearly 13, Megan Robson is a warm and affectionate (but extremely clumsy) girl who the others tend to turn to when they need general advice or guidance.

Never one to take her leadership skills too seriously, ‘Polly’ considers everybody as equals and possesses a very strong desire for harmony at all times within in The Boffin Squad. With Megan’s combined drama and language skills, she can become a master of disguise at any given moment, though very melodramatic & idealistic at other times! With her tact, diplomacy, charm and confidence, she is the perfect complement to Charlie’s ‘girly’ personality and Jess’s tomboy persona!