Name: Polo Morgan
Nickname: 'Stop that!'
Age: 4 or 28 in dog years!
D.O.B: 28th July
Horoscope: Leo
Favourite School Subject: none
Favourite quote / saying: Woof!
Favourite hangout: Country Park or anywhere Digger goes!
Weaknesses: Bacon fat & food scraps in general (as long as it doesn’t smell bad!)
Ambitions: To be able to round up anything and everything, (including a herd of cows!)
Likes: Human food scraps, dog chocolate, rounding stuff up & walks
Dislikes: Cows, cats, cat food, cat toys, cat smells and cat noises etc etc…

About Polo

An honorary and incredibly mischievous Boffin, Polo Morgan is Oliver’s loyal sheepdog whose main interest is rounding things up (however unusual!!).

Although he’s actually the oldest Boffin at 28, his mental age is more like 4...which would be his actual human age! An incredibly intelligent dog with a super sense of smell, he and his best friend, Oliver, share an intrepid interest in and about the world around them.